Hand Painted Eye Bowls

Hand Painted Eye Bowls


EVIL EYE is a curse believed to be cast by a malevolent glare, usually given to a person when they are unaware. Many cultures believe that receiving the evil eye will cause misfortune.Talismans created to protect against the evil eye are also frequently called "evil eyes"

So protect your jewelry from envious eyes! Perfect for placing your beloved gems and baubles in for night time storage. I place mine next to the bathroom sink so I can grab them when I brush my teeth in the morning and night. I included some details below. 

++ The bowl might vary slightly from the image,

Perfect holder for earring and rings and small necklaces. 

:: Size: 4 in. x 3 1/2 in. x 1 1/4 in. H

:: Colors: Turquoise, Yellow, Green, Pink and Gold

:: This ring dish is sealed but is not intended to hold water.

:Can be used for:

* Wedding and shower favors
* Hostess gift
* Night stand trinket dish
* Ring holder

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